Congratulations on making the best choice and thank you for purchasing an original CamHarness product! 

Here are the usage guidelines for our products:

To enjoy the product for a long time, proper care is necessary. Our products are made from high-quality materials, including natural leather, which may not always maintain an identical structure and color across the entire surface. Well-maintained natural leather ensures the highest comfort when worn/used over the years.

  • Avoid getting the product wet, as leather naturally absorbs and allows water to pass through.
  • If the product (including leather components) gets wet, leave it at room temperature until completely dry. Do not use external sources of heat for drying, as this may cause the leather to crack in multiple places.
  • A wet product may stain clothing.
  • For all camera straps, always use correctly fastened securing straps.
  • Before attaching the camera, check the tightness of the camera screw with the lug on the camera, or in the case of other products, the appropriate fastening elements.
  • Always attach the camera first, then the securing strap.
  • Never remove the straps with cameras attached.
  • When moving in tight spaces, be extra cautious by holding the cameras securely with your hands.
  • The manufacturer is not responsible for damages caused by improper use. By purchasing and using our product, you agree to all the above conditions.
  • Keep the camera harness in the house on a hanger, this will allow to keep a beautiful outer appearance for a long time.
  • All leather products are not intended for washing.
  • If the leather gets dirty. Lightly soak a cotton cloth. Easily pressing, wipe the contaminated leather area, without getting a rag on the metal fittings.
  • Always attach a safety belt. This belt helps to will avoid camera falls. The strap must be tightened, its length should be adjusted with a buckle. If the safety belt has worn out, we recommend you to replace it with a new one
  •  If you use one camera and the harness for two cameras, attach a free strap with a carbine for the second camera to the jeans loop. Thus, the weight distribution will go to two shoulders, and harness will become easier to carry