Alex and Max – met each other at the first year of the technological university. Now, after 7 years, we are engaged in the production of products made of genuine leather. At first we were engaged in the production of various products made of genuine leather for individual orders. Starting with a small workshop and a dozen tools, we have turned into a small production with equipment and workers.

Now we are the owners of CamHarness. CamHarness is the result of our passion for photography, camera  harness production and various accessories made from genuine leather for photographers. Based on the experience with photo equipment of our friends, acquaintances and clients, we know that everyone has his own figure parameters, that’s why we create solutions for everyone, solutions that compensate for different variations of the bodily constitution and include comfort, functionality and aesthetics.

We make all production manually from a natural leather, steel accessories and it passes the highest quality control that we ensure personally. Using camera harness for the camera, you can focus on the most important – in photography – creativity. Freedom and confidence in movements, safety equipment, healthy back, cool shots!